I recently received an advance copy of a new book called "The Long View of Improved Putting". I didn't believe it was possible to compile this much information about this little understood putting method. The authors, Richard (Chip) Beck and Glenn R. Apple have left no stone un-turned in analyzing the reasons for considering the long split-grip putter. The authors have also published two other successful golf books:
"The Systems Approach to Golfing" and the "Systems Approach to Golfing - Instructors Guide".

Included are instructions for the many styles and techniques currently used... including the:

or facing the target line.

There are many photos of different grips, setups and practice drills. This text presents a compelling argument for making the switch to a long putter... most importantly the more natural and dominant one sided coordination we're all used to and the elimination of yips and wrist breakdown. Other benefits include the use of large muscles for a repeatable and smooth pendulum swing and the more upright stance gives you a better spine tilt angel and the best look at the line. This position also eliminates back strain.

There is an amazing number of professional golfers using a long putter and the authors have managed to list them all including photos and profiles on many of them. One notable long putter advocate is David Feherty who we all know as the knowledgeable and most humorous of TV golf commentators. David wrote the foreword for this book which I have permission to reprint on my website if you care to visit.

The enormous bibliography (Which also lists hundreds of websites.) provides credibility to the research involved in bringing this publication to print. It is a valuable research tool by itself.

Although the book is not quite on the market yet, the authors are putting the finishing touches on their website and should have it up and running shortly. If you would like me to contact you when it's up just email me from my website or call the toll free number below.

BY: Karl Higham
International Order of Golfing Sidewinders
Las Vegas, Nevada

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