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~ Publisher's Note:
David Feherty is an ex-Ryder Cup player from Ireland and currently a Golf Commentator for CBS Sports. He uses the long putter.

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One of the pioneers with the long putter and successful touring professional on both the regular and Senior Tours -- Jim Ferree
"The presentation of putting with the long putter in this text is the most extensive I have seen.
The Long View of Improved Putting will certainly help anyone who would like to putt with the long putter."
"The long putter saved my golf life! I started with the long putter in 1986 because my yips had gotten so bad I was going to have to quit golf. I couldn't stand the pain of putting at the end of each beautiful hole."
"The long putter has allowed me to continue to play the wonderful game of golf."
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One of the best lady professional using the long putter, from Austin, Texas -- Lisa DePaulo

"The long putter is the only way to go for me especially since I am left eyed dominant. I feel like I can see the line much better and it is so much easier to put a good true roll on the ball.
With the short putter you try for years to put a good roll on the ball without a lot of skid, and for $129.99 you can buy it. There are not many things you can buy in golf, but you can 'buy' a good roll on the green with a good long putter. If you can putt with a long one ...why go short? It's easier and you don't have to think as much, just feel the roll."
"Never before has there been such a comprehensive and detailed book written about how to use a long putter until Chip Heyl and Glenn Apple decided to write this one. This book provides the technical aspect for those who desire the analytical route as well as basic information to get you going in the right direction.
I believe that anyone reading The Long View of Improved Putting will have a better understanding of the long putter and therefore improve his or her golf game tremendously. I have not met anyone as dedicated to writing about and researching information on long putting as much as Chip has on this book.
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