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Ty Cobb
The similarities of purpose of the full swing and the bunt in baseball and the full swing and the putt in golf are remarkable.
The purpose of the full swing in both is to create the most power and is best accomplished by standing at a right angle to the target area.
The purpose of both the bunt and the putt is to direct the ball a particular and much shorter distance in a particular direction.
A baseball player would have considerable difficulty trying to execute an accurate bunt if he kept both hands together on the handle and didn't "square around". But that is exactly what golfers insist on doing when they putt.
I still wonder why. Don't you by now?
The baseball traditionalists would riot if the bunt were removed from the game because some though it an unfair advantage and wasn't in the best interest of the games integrity.
It is only by the efforts of well meaning but misguided rule makers that croquet or sidesaddle putting didn't become the "conventional" way to putt many years ago.