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Here are a few of the chance encounters I have had with "sidesaddle" putting on TV:
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My favorite is: Dave Pelz World Putting Championships on ESPN.
Every year, ESPN and Dave Pelz... A well known professional, author and expert on putting and the short game... host this international putt fest for amateurs and pros alike. It begins with local, district and divisional eliminations all over the world with tens of thousands of hopefuls. It ends at the televised finals in Florida for the very best that are left.
I have seen only a handful of golfers putt facing the hole in the 4O+ years since croquet style was banned. In last year's telecasts... and I didn't watch them all... no less than 5 of the finalists were putting with home made, sidesaddle putters.
Now that's down right mind boggling.
What do you suppose the odds are against that happening if there wasn't something to it?
Local pro makes cut at the "Clam bake" at Pebble Beach (Home made sidesaddle putter).
Sam Snead snakes in a 5O footer at age 84 from the fringe on the Legends of Golf (Conventional, blade putter sidesaddle style).
The Wonder Putter from Down Under and the Magic Twanger.