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There are 5 different makers of sidesaddle putters that are on the market today. Although we may disagree somewhat on what features are needed for best results, There are three areas where agreement is unanimous. The first is the fact that the technique has proven to be overwhelmingly superior to the conventional putting method. The second is center shafting with the least amount of angle the USGA will allow combined with head depth and good alignment properties.  The third is the reason golfers resist using this method. Namely, we have all discovered that although few admit it they simply conceive it be too unusual in appearance and will attract ridicule from other golfers.
A sad commentary on priorities but nonetheless true.
1. It's not legal. (False but it's the one we hear most.)
2. It's not traditional. (True, but neither are titanium woods, graphite shafts, or even tees... if you go back far enough.
3. It detracts from the essence of the game. (But were sure glad we don't have to wear coats and ties anymore.)
4. No comment. (The most revealing one. Some, with a superior sense of logic, find it easier to just forget about it.)

Notice: None of these excuses contain any reference to sidesaddle's ability to outperform the conventional method.
If you have a better one please let us know.

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