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"I've never seen anything easier to use..."
Former PGA Tour Pro Marty Fleckman is a believer in the Wonder Putter. His awards include the Texas Amateur Championship, three College Team Championships, an NCAA individual Championship, member of the U.S. Walker Cup Team, competitor in the US Open, winner of his first PGA event (one of only four players to do so), and a member of the Texas Golf Hall of Fame. Today Marty conducts corporate and charitable golf clinics and provides private instruction to golfers of all levels.
This is what Marty thinks of the Wonder Putter.
This is truly a remarkable putter. You can take your natural instincts and normal ability and implement this easy technique with the Wonder Putter.
It is so easy to release the putter with my right arm. I have no conflict with my left and my right arm. My left hand is holding the putter and I am swinging it with my right arm. My right arm is swinging in a very natural way. My arms are moving conducive to my natural instincts.
It's impossible to miss because you have no conflict . Because you are not trying to pull with the left or push with the right there is only one way to release the putter and that is the natural instinct of how your arm flows and swings to your side.
What were doing with the Wonder Putter is we're putting conducive to our natural instincts and when you do that you eliminate variables.
I've never seen anything easier to use than the Wonder from Down Under. And I mean to tell you, it's just so easy to line the putt up and set the putter down and aim it and just trust the stroke because it is just so natural. You are letting your arms swing conducive to how you naturally walk so, it is the most natural way to aim and release the putter in the direction that you are trying to make the putt to go. I tell you what... it's the wonder from down under.
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