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The Magic
of the
It's about that silky smooth stroke with gradual acceleration that starts the ball tracking on line and end-over-end that is so difficult to achieve with a conventional stance.
This elusive skill is embedded in the sidesaddle technique and will hold up even under pressure.

"I'll tell you one thing, this is one of the easiest putters I think that you'll ever use. Whether you're an amatuer or a professionsal, it just serves as a natural extension of your arm." -Joy Levy
"With the Wonder from Down Under, what I noticed was the natural underhand action that actually propels the ball towards the hole. It's almost like picking the ball up and actually rolling it towards the hole." -Larry Johnson
"This new Wonder Putter has really caused quite a stir with all of our members. They really love it! The only thing I don't like about it, it only takes about five minutes to learn to use it , that really kinda cuts into our lesson time." -Glenn Lee, Golf Pro - The Hills Country Club
"The Wonder Putter is something from down under that I think that all of us from over here are really going to love." -Kevin Messhiack
"A few words to me fellow yipers. I've been one for 25 years. I've tried everything, I've done everyrthing. If this thing doesn't do it, fellows, nothing will." -John Hirsch
"I love it! I've never made a putt like that before." -Tammy Miller
"I've been playing golf for over 40 years and I have bought a lot of putters. But this is absolutely the best putter that I have ever had - ever." -Ken Hundley
"The wonderputter is a great putter. It has a wonderful feel. I've putted with the same putter for about 25 years and this is easy to line up, it is very comfortable to set up too and it just has a real good feel." -Sally Sykes
"The Wonderputter has taken 6 strokes off my game and Marty Fleckman's video, 'How to Stop 3 Putting' is definately worth the price of the putter alone." -Mark Bronson
"The hardest putt in the world to make is a three footer on 18 for all the marbles . Unless you've got one of these babies." -Bob Blazek
"My wife and I were playing in a tournament called the Double Trouble and we were on the 8th green and we had a chance to win this tournament, if I could make a little 16 inch down hill slider. And if we have had the wonder from down under, I can assure you I could have lined that thing up straight on to the hole and there was no way I could have missed that put. " -Don Shriver
"This is the best putter I have ever used." -Howard Andrews
"I get on the hole and I just know I'm either going to one putt or two putt. This wonder putter is the best thing that has ever happened to my game." -Tammy Miller
"I've played with a lot of clubs and have learned how to play with a lot of different clubs, and this is the easiest to learn that I have used." -Aggie Couch
"I have problems with my regular putter with my peripheral vision, looking at the hole but with this putter, I am looking straight at the hole and when I putt I can putt it right in the hole." -Joe Giardina
"I watched my husband 1-putt the first three holes. Well, I couldn't have that, so now I'm a proud owner of a 'WONDER FROM DOWN UNDER." It's a terrific putter." -Patty Pearce
"I think in time to come that this putter will help revolutionize putting." -Bill Pearce