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Your mind and body already knows how to put a roll on a ball that is more effective than the best professional.

"90% of all golfers are not lined up where they think they are... including professionals." ~Bob Murphy

The top or left hand for right handers
After you have found the line for your putt...
Corel Presentations 9 Drawing
... grasp the top grip with your left hand as shown with the knuckles facing forward and pointing the same direction as the putter face.
The bottom or mid-grip
Experiment with these three hand positions until you find the best one that allows you to keep the putter face square and on line during the stroke and followthrough.
Corel Presentations 9 Drawing        Corel Presentations 9 Drawing
Palm out facing the line.

Corel Presentations 9 Drawing         Corel Presentations 9 Drawing
Side finger with palm facing the leg... this is the way the hand naturally swings when we walk.
Corel Presentations 9 Drawing         Corel Presentations 9 Drawing
The two finger is similar to the side finger except the thumb and forefinger pinch the grip instead of holding it in the palm.
Get yourself lined up
Corel Presentations 9 Drawing         Corel Presentations 9 Drawing
One of the best ways to get everything lined up is to walk up from behind the ball facing your target line. Straddle the line... croquet style. Sole the head and inch or two behind the ball and square it up. Bring your right foot to the same side as your left and you're ready to pull the trigger.
   Remember... it is not USGA legal to make a putt while standing on, astride or directly behind your line of putt while on the putting surface.   
Corel Presentations 9 Drawing

The magic stroke
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Take it back and...
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hit it where you're looking with a tossing motion as if you had the ball in your fingers.
"it really is just that easy...!"