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Here are Just a Few of the Entries from the old guest book and some testimonials for sidesaddle putters.

Name: Loren Bailey
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Augusta, GA
Time: 2000-01-24 18:24:57
Comments: Been putting side saddle for about a month now and have sunk more 10-12 footers than ever!!! I love it. Been using a Macgrogor 308 (originally a "croquet" putter before the ban, it's about 45-50 years old). Modified it with a 37" inch shaft and long grip. Doesn't quite meet USGA shaft angle specs, so I am looking for a new head with the right angle. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO "CONVENTIONAL" PUTTING!!

Name: Mike Harrison
Referred by: NewsGroups
From: Stone Mountain, GA
Time: 1998-12-16 22:42:59
Comments: Hi Karl, Just finished looking at the page, again. Like the updates, and the look of the page. You have done a grand job on it. For those of you who read this and haven't tried the "sidesaddle" style, you are missing out. I am a blind golfer, switched some time ago and love it. Cut several strokes of my 20+ hdcp. I plan to be at 15 or less by spring, and the putting is going to do it. I even made my own long, split grip putter to use. Looks funny, so I'm told, but why should I care? I can't see it, but I can hear the ball hit the bottom of the cup. So, try it!! What have you got to loose but strokes??? Again, thanks Karl, for getting me started.

Name: Marc R. Weiss
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: NY
Time: 1999-09-07 16:37:27
Comments: Your style of putting is AWESOME !!! I stopped playing around 10 years ago due to injury. Recently I decided to play again. My putting to say the least stinks. I played this past Friday & bogeyed each par 3. That wouldn't be bad if I didn't hit the green on the tee shot. Feeling desperate about my putting, I was ready to go out and buy any book or rent any video to fix it. While searching the web for books/video's I stumbled onto your site. Of course (no puns here) at 3am I wasn't in any condition to start my putting metamorphosis. The next day I read your paradigm & decided I have nothing to loose. Just as an experiment I took ten golf balls & putted them towards my practice cup. Without embarrassing myself too much, I'll say my success rate was not all that successful. Next, I tried putting sidesaddle (albeit using a conventional putter). The results were miraculous. First off, my success rate increased immeasurably. Secondly, even when I missed, I was much closer. My next step is to "build" a putter using your plans & to start putting sidesaddle out on the practice greens & then the course. I'm not worried about looking funny or embarrassing myself, because I think I've done that enough with my 3 or 4 putting.
Thanks !!! Marc R. WeissSystems Consultant

Website: Jim
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Geelong Australia
Time: 1999-08-30 04:02:21
Comments: I played Golf for about six months, my putting was average. Then I found this site and my putting has improved ten fold thanks very much.

Name: Mott Tomas
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Claremont, CA
Time: 1999-03-11 02:19:30
Comments: Makes sense. I putted a lot better, no I putted great, with my regular putter sidesaddle. There is something to this.

Record 31
Name: Paul T. Wilson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Mich.
Time: 1999-03-05 02:00:03
Comments: Hey Karl! Down to the dome today. Practiced putting for a half hour so that the rest of my clubs could warm up before hitting. "Puttered" around for about 15 minutes (first putt, from 25 feet, was 2" from the hole) just working on length. Then decided to do a test -- not comparing methods, since I can't persuade myself to go back to the old style (except for a few gimmes that I just reach out for) of how close I could come to the hole on a series of balls. Here are the results: 18 balls from 27-24 feet (I put them all in a line about 6-8 inches apart and putted them all at the same hole.) 1 in the cup 10 within 2 feet (didn't bother counting 1 foot) 14 within 3 feet (i.e., 4 + 10) no 3 putts (sank all 17) 18 balls scattered randomly from 10-14 feet from another hole 4 in the cup 11 within 2 feet 14 within 3 feet no 3 putts (sank all 14) I would have tried from a greater distance but there were several other guys there so I was limited to 2 holes. In any case, these are certainly the kinds of results I'm looking for in my putting. Right now, for me, it really does seem that side saddle makes the most difference in that 5-6 foot range. I've reached the point where I'm surprised if the ball doesn't go in -- which is why I've taken to putting for distance; If I can come close to that 5-6 foot range, then I should be losing few strokes to par on the green -- and maybe even gaining some. When the weather gets warmer, I'm really looking forward to working on my 150 yards and in game to complement what I anticipate will be gains in putting.
All the best! Paul -- Paul T. WilsonProf of Reading

Name: don roberts
Website: Real Golf, sets that make sense
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Cypress, Texas
Time: 1999-02-25 20:21:20
Comments: hi karl. thanks for your call this morning. i've spent a great deal of time reviewing your website. In short... you're making entirely too much sense. as you know, faces a similar (uphill) struggle - convincing Real Golfers that they don't ask how, but how many. the object of the game is to get the ball in the hole... not to out-drive your buddies. our sets are designed to help folks play their own game to the green. side-saddle putting may well get them off with a smile on their face. Real Putters. i like that.

Name: Grant Hartnell
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Centralia, IL
Time: 1999-02-16 16:54:00
Comments: I started putting sidesaddle on my own about a year ago and then read about Sam Snead. I am using a putter I received for getting a "hole in one." I like the feel because the head is quite heavy. I've been playing for about a year and a half and am not afraid to go up against anyone with a putter.

Name: Rick Rhodes
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Seattle
Time: 1998-11-30 04:15:25
Comments: I started putting this way 2 weeks ago and before I had seen your page. I had already decided that sidesaddle was superior so it was great to see your information. Thanks for the good work.Rick Rhodes

Record 17
Name: Steve Wagner
Referred by: NewsGroups
Time: 1998-11-06 15:58:48
Comments: Karl, I've been looking at your site, it looks GREAT. I'm a clubmaker, and am going to go look through my 'Odds and ends" box, see what I've got to make up one with. (Thinks that maybe that old "FLOP" mallet with a different shaft may be an idea.) Love to hear more, I'm going to fill out your forms later, just wanted to get this off while I was thinking about it.
Thank You, Steve Wagner

Name: Larry Miller
Website: PoGo's Place for Original Golf Instruction
Referred by: Geocities
Time: 1998-10-30 12:15:46
Comments: . Karl, I endorse your idea and your philosophy, Karl ... it's similar to my own. Unfortunately, most golfers only think they want to score better when all they really want to do is hit the ball further. There is always great value and nearly instant reward in improving putting skills. It may be the "littlest" part of the game, but no other influences scoring so drastically. Being such a traditional game played by staunch traditionalists, new styles are slow to catch on. While I don't advocate fixing something that "ain't broke", side saddle putting may be just the cure for chance putting ills. -- Larry Miller (PoGo)

Name: Bill Buchanan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Fort Rucker, AL
Time: 1998-09-26 17:25:23
Comments: When I first started playing golf back in 1982, I would sometimes use the sidestraddle method and it worked really well. I was then told by someone on the course that I played that sidestraddle was illegal. I never researched to find out if in fact it is illegal, but I continued to practice putting sidestraddle. I would putt the conventional way during golf games, but never with the consistency and accuracy as with the sidestraddle method. I have fallen into the "norm" now and use the conventional method, but am seriously thinking of going back to the sidestraddle method.

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